Mar 01

We’re pleased to announce that Droppr – our brand new dropcatching system – is now available for purchase.

Priced aggressively at £249 + VAT per month – and as a launch offer we’re charging no setup fee! – we’re confident we’re providing one of the most flexible and fully-featured .uk drop-catching systems available on the market today.

Our features page gives the full low-down, but the highlights we think you’ll find most exciting include:

  • The ability to split domains into lists of high-priority and low-priority so your important domains get queried more often whilst you don’t miss out on those slow-burners
  • To be able to either order or “round-robin” when domains are queried in your high-priority list
  • Variable query rates set over a day so that you can query more often at “peak periods”

And we’re still not finished! On our drawing board we have all sorts of exciting enhancements planned in the months ahead that our customers will get as part of our free upgrade policy.

We’re excited to get started and we’re keen to help you with your drop-catching needs whatever they may be. Please do check out the features page or contact us for more information.